Take a gander at all the doodles I've drawn through out the month. I'll be posting sketches on building my characters, What the drawing looks like before and after color, and I might also throw some random nonsense or cool drawings from my other artsy fartsy friends and awesome people I admire.


Today's inks is brought to you by James Harren. I've attached a link and please check him out. He's a really great artist and is one of my personal favorites: the bottom page in color was done by James and it was reference for me to go off of. This is one of the main reasons why I chose this page to color. It's always great to have a example to go off, b/c you're never sure which lines are attached to what. There were a couple of times I had to refer to the colored page to double check. Above that is the page in which James inked. The third page above the black and white is my doing. I typically start off with basic colors to fill in the characters and background. I want to block every shape on the page before I shade. The fourth page is me beginning to shade. I use a medium grey color as my contrast and then I adjust the transparency to get the appropriate contrast I desire. The end product is the last page on the top. I wanted to try a new technique with painting a glare from a light source. I think it looks pretty cool, however, I believe It could use some more practice. Hope you like how it turned out and thanks again to James Harren for using your inks. Hit me up if you have questions and comments and please share and like.