Putting the Greg McCrary in GregMcGraphics

I draw because the stories in my head need a place to go when I sleep. I have always had a taste for imagination. As a child I would draw through reams of paper, driving my mom batty with weekly trips to the store. If there was no paper in sight, I would go insane from all the monsters and superheroes that were collecting in my brain, like a creative constipation. Growing up multiracial had its complications as well and eventually served as inspiration for my art. As the youngest of four interracial brothers, the son of a White mother and a Black father, a resident of North County, and a student in the Kirkwood School District, I constantly felt pressure from my peers to choose a racial identity. It was confusing, but my art and my writing allowed me to channel those frustrations into something cool and exciting: comic illustration. Through the duality of this medium, the ability to write and draw my characters into existence, I could represent the duality I encounter in everyday life and share that cool imaginative stuff with others. And, most importantly, drawing makes me happy! It is without a doubt my passion. I have been drawing my whole life and will continue drawing until enough people tell me: STOP!



Yours Truly (Greg McCrary) entered into existence knowing that if he had to choose between life without drawing and death it was off to the guillotine!  Greg grew up with a creative hand, drawing comic book characters inspired by Cartoon Network favorites Samurai Jack and Dexter’s Laboratory, all imagined by his artist idol, Genndy Tartakovsky. After graduating from Meramec Community College in 2012 with an Associates Degree in Graphic Communications, Greg committed himself to turning his passion for illustrating into a career. He received training as a caricature artist at Six Flags in 2014 and continues to freelance at events in the St. Louis area. He self published three comics, Laser Dog: Issues I-III, in the for 4 years and has been involved with several small press publishers, contributing 4-8 paged stories for designing, illustrating and lettering. These publishing groups include: Ink and Drink Comics, Grayhaven Comics, and Stache Publishing. In 2015 his work was featured in the Maurice Sendak Gallery at the St. Louis Public Library. Even recently, Greg has been featured on the cover of the River Front Times. Greg has also been selected for the Emerging Artist Series at the Foundry where his "Hipster Pets" series was featured for a month. Greg currently freelances Illustration and Comics with clients across the country.